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Color pics of '56 Packard conv. when new

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Guest 63Stude


I provided these photos to the webmaster of the 'Packard Info' site, after I had shown the dealer, Carl E. Filer, Jr., their page that showed a 1947 photo of his dealership with a Studebaker out front. Carl Jr. asked me if I could send the site a picture of this Packard they delivered in July '56 and I sent all five that I had that Carl Jr. had allowed me to copy, years ago. All are posted on their site now.

These pics were taken on delivery day and they were rightly proud to be delivering a Caribbean. Only 276 were built for the '56 model year.

The car was serial no. 5699-1258, eighteen from the last Packard convertible. It was bought by Dr. Arby L. Bailey of Greenville in northwestern PA and was delivered from Packard's Connor Ave. plant in Detroit to the docks at Cleveland and driven to Greenville by Carl E. Filer, Jr. for retail delivery to Dr. Bailey.

The car survives in beautiful condition. The last known owner lives in NC and the car was at the Amelia Island auction in 2004 but did not sell with a high bid of $48K.

Thought some here might enjoy these old pics. Note the '39 Studebaker Commander Coupe parked alongside the building, and the '56 Studebaker in the showroom window behind the Packard.

The dealership opened in 1926 (building in photo opened in '47) and they sold Studebakers 'til the end and remained an authorized Studebaker Parts and Service dealer in this building until Dec. 1968. About five years ago I bought the door leading from the showroom to the Parts Dept. that still has the red Studebaker ball and "Parts and Accessories" written around it. Amazingly, no one had painted over it in 40 years. The building is now a laundromat. The door serves as a desktop in my office now.


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