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tc hood

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I just went to the OTHER TC group site and checked the part number list I posted in the files section. Looks like the 89 hood up to car #464 or 465 is the oddball. After that production number the 89, 90 and 91 TCs have the same hood. The lights are the same part number for all TCs as far as I know.

Hood (in crash book) 4463077

(in ‘91 parts book) 4464557

(after car #465) 4464324

Hood gas supports (up to #464) 4463087

(after #464) 4464325

Front side marker light 4174224

Front parking light right 4463592

Front parking light left 4463593

Front license plate bracket 4463014

Headlamp with cornering lamp right 4463594

Headlamp with cornering lamp left 4463595

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Guest BarelyFit

Those parts are resting with the Holy Grail and Salomon's Tomb. It is perhaps the rarest of the the TC parts. They are available and costly. There are a few wandering around here, occasionally on ebay and in select wrecking yards. I know of one here at a wrecker. Good luck. I know that is not 'exact', but the hunt is on.

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Guest mtworkshop

Caution!!! The hood for the 89 is definitely different. It will bolt on the car but the hood latch is in a different place and there are other issues around the front superstructure. There are even two different hoods for the 89. The locations for the gas support struts is at the edge of the hood on early models and 10 inches toward the center line on late 89s. Good luck.


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I had the wrecking yard I used to work at run the headlight on their 'hotline' but no other wrecking yard answered that they had one. Have you tried calling 'QuikParts' in San Bernardino yet? I gave you their number before. You can also try 'Arizona Parts' and/or TCParts.com also in Arizona.

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its exactly as mtworkshop described it...it has the same lenght...the bolts go where they should but when you want to close it, the latch is almost an inch to far away from where it should go in....even if you try to adjust the two latchholder bolts...resulting in a "no f...way to close it, only if you drill a new hole" situation...

now I have to get a f.. paintjob......haha...

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