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1933 Exhaust Manifold Part Number


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I just purchased a 3 piece exhaust manifold for my 1933 Buick Series 60. It looks different than the one one the car. Does anyone have a Buick Parts Number manual that can tell me the parts numbers for the 3 exhaust manifold pieces. Do they fit more than one year or series car? Please email me at: pint4@new.rr.com.



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Guest outlaw car man


I'll check the numbers on my 1933 90 when I'm at the shop today. It's a bigger engine but maybe the exhaust manifolds are the same, really don't know.

I'll email you the numbers later today , at least you can cross those off your list.


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For 33 to 35 Buicks, the casting number on the manifold parts is not the same as the parts book numbers

1933 to 1935 80 and 90 series manifolds are interchangable.

The 60 series will not interchange with the 80 & 90 series parts.

My parts book with the casting numbers that I have been able to collect is loaned out right now so I can not give you the numbers now.

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