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Hi everybody. Not that I'm writing to blow my own horn I just want to suggest the way I tried to get new members for the Buick club America and it does work. I keep a copy of the application for the BCA and for a local club the minute Man of Massachusetts in every vehicle I drive I also keep one of my old bugles I know it's hard to give them up but if I see an old Buick and there's someone around I give it to and welcome them to join the club. It has worked twice for me and I think it's a good way to get a new member and to show what we're all about at the same time. And those pictures of the 48 that the new member put online are nice but up close to the car is even better I hope to see that and a lot local car shows.


have a great Buick day

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Guest 48 Roadmaster

Well said, Frank! If it wasn't for you dropping the literature and application off, I probably wouldnt have joined the club or looked around these forums. Thanks for welcoming me to the club and thank you to everyone who has already been so helpful since my first post yesterday! It's nice to know there are people out there willing to help someone who is so inexperienced as myself! :)

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Guest Dans 77 Limited

My chapter made up fliers with a little message telling the prospective member about our chapter and the BCA. It also includes a form to join both. This has worked for me as I keep them in every vehicle I drive. Even the Pontiac convertible. Ive had about a 50% success rate with them .


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