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Street cleaner, circa 1913 - New York City

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I've seen early fire engines on similar chasses - ( large wheels at rear, small at front )... Jumbo ?

A lot of the early fire engines where you see large wheels in the rear and small in the front are commonly a case where the fire departments would take a horse drawn steamer and convert it to a motorized rig.

In the early 1900's, the larger fire apparatus companies like American LaFrance felt that the automobile was a fad. With that in mind, they weren't eager to switch to motorized fire apparatus until they knew that the automobile was not a fad, and that reliability issues had improved.

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We have seen this pic before somewhere on another thread. Is it possible to get a closeup of the badge just above the front end of the drive chain? The powerplant is not very big and the drive ratio is very low - but with that steering set up you wouldn't want to drive it very fast anyway!

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