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Removing Supercharger Worm Gear?

Dennis in CT

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It should come off by taping the end of the shaft with a brass hammer. They are a tight fit. I stuck a "C" washer from a Chevrolet axle shaft between the gear and the housing . That will support the gear when you tap the shaft out of it . Dan

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When you get it apart, make sure you check the oil holes in the shaft and the worm gear. Sometimes the shaft can be cleaned by blowing air through the holes. Many of them are pluged so bad that air will not get through. There is a brass plug in the worm gear end of the shaft. It can be removed by drilling it out with a # 21 drill. Only go in .580 " deep because there is a step in the hole to stop the plug. The rest of the hole is .120" in dia. It goes in 4.5". Through the side of the shaft there is a hole for the lower bearing that is .120" dia. another hole for the worm gear that is #44 drill size and a third hole for the bearing above the wom gear that is .120" dia. I made a tool that is .120" dia and 8" long to ram into the hole to push out the solidified oil that gets in there. The worm gear has small holes in the root of the teeth that should be cleaned out also. They are in the splined end of the gear.


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