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Title Conversion


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Anyone got any knowledge on getting a non-repairable Title converted to a recovery Title especially in South Carolina, I don't want to Part this 89 TC out that I bought, Car runs great but was vandalised and then Totaled by Insurance Company, all windows busted out including Hard Top otherwise not too bad.

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Guest My TC Toy

It would seem to me that the first step would be to talk to someone in the DMV. I would assume thay would advise you further.

Good luck.


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Guest d_voitel

I can't speak for North Carolina, but in MArylabd the process is pretty straight forward. I found my TC in a salvage yard. When Ipurchased the car, the yard provided a salvage title. I then took the car to the DMV for a title inspection by the State Police. When they certified the car wasn't stolen, I then took the car through the state mechanical inspection. With the salvage title, Police certification and state mechanical inspection in hand, I went back to the DMV and had a title and tags with no further problems. Each state has their own quirks, but a call or trip to the DMV should provide what is needed to get a title. The information might be on the state DMV web site as well. Good luck!


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