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Remy Distributor Caps??????????


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I have two Remy distributor caps that are marked the same but they are not. The number on them is 811341, one has two bars about 1/8" wide to locate the cap on the distributor the other one has one bar about 3/8" wide to locate the cap on the distributor. What one is the cap that goes with the part number and what is the part number of the other one and what does both caps fit. Click on thumbnail to enlarge. Thanks!!! 1-262-392-2989 or mribbich@wi.rr.com





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Not really any help to you as mine is not a match but the posts etc look very similar

Both Mclaughlin and Oakland used Northway engines with remi ignitions I have the cap that came from the 1930`s and the number on the inside of it is 7154. Mine has no bumps on the inside and mine has clipbumps on the outside... mine is for a 1919 and yours have to be from the same general time frame. The outside diameter on mine is 2 3/4 inch without the clip bumps


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Guest stude8

My Kem catalog for 1931 lists Delco-Remy 811341 for Auburn, Gardner, Haynes, Kissell, Oakland, Studebaker & Stutz for years 1922-28 in many of these applications.

In particular the Studebaker applications all are Delco 626 prefix distributors.

Unfortunately none of the catalogs show the bottom side with cap index configuration.

Where is the 811341 marking on the caps? Or are you using data from the carton they were in? Stude8

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