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1936 Century Split Seat wanted


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My 1936 Century Convertible Coupe has an incorrect front seat and I am trying to return the car to original.

It seems that all 1936 2 door model Buick's were equipped with front seat solid one-piece lower construction but the seat back is of a two piece folding type so that either half of the back may be turned down, allowing access to the rear seat on all 5 passenger models; to the opera seat on sport coupes; and to the luggage compartment on 2 passenger coupes ( including the convertible coupe ).

The front seat also has fore and aft adjustment using a system of tracks and rollers.

I am in need of a front seat, or at least parts so I can fabricate a correct seat.

I believe 1936 Oldsmobile, LaSalle, Pontiac and possibly Chev used an identical front seat on their 2 door models.

A complete seat would be nice, although difficult ( but not impossible ) to get to Western Australia.

Parts I would need would be all the metal bracketry etc ( tracks, rollers, levers, springs etc ) for the adjustable part of the seat. These would be able to be easily sent through the post.

I would also like the metal backs of the two piece folding seat and hinges. These too would be small enough to send via the post in a parcel or two.

I have included some photos, 1st is of my existing seat, 2nd of what it should look like and then some diagrams/photos from the parts book.

As my Convertible Coupe is Fisher bodied I am sure I cannot source these parts in Australia as our Holden bodied coupes used a very different front seat with an all steel frame.

I thought I would try the Pre War forum ( yes I know this is a wanted ad ) as this forum has so many helpful people participating.

So, I am in your hands, please let me know what you have and I'll see if I can get the front compartment looking like it should.





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