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Interesting 1948 New Car Tags


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I recently purchased a sort of "time capsule" of literature from a 1948 Buick. This collection included several new car tags, instruction brochures, color pictures of the car when new, and about a dozen repair receipts from the selling dealership dating from 1948-1952.

What makes this so interesting is that there are a couple of things I have never seen before such a "Finished Car" inspection tag and a two-sided instruction tag that was originally placed around the windshield wiper operating knob. I've scanned these items and attached them for reference by other owners of 1948 Buicks.

I also have instructions for the clock, cigarette lighter and after market Hull Auto Compass. The compass instructions are a great find because I have the exact same one! Does anyone know what type of accessory compass was sold by Buick Dealers?

Another interesting discovery is that the car related to the literature had red wheels which are visible in the color pictures. I know there has been some previous discussion on the availability of optional red wheels in 1948 and that the parts books for these years do not show this option. I think these pictures prove that you could get a 1948 Buick with red wheels. The pictures I have are somewhat discolored and you need to look closely to see it but it is obvious that the the wheels are red. I have also found in a 1948 Buick Salesman Fact Book a listing of available car colors showing that red wheels were optional at no extra cost.

The repair receipts are also quite interesting when you see what service cost back then. There is a receipt for adjusting the valves, rotating tires and "checking front end complete" for a cost of $8.45, which works out to about $74 today.

Finding items like these is wonderful because it opens up a little window on the past. The literature I found looked like it had been put away yesterday and has provided a lot of entertainment. Hopefully, this information will be of help to others.



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I know that for some period in the early 50's or perhaps beginning in the 40's that the Dinsmore brand of compass was a factory authorized accessory for Buick and other GM makes.

I have a 1948 Special Sedanet and as far as I can recall, the spare wheel is painted red although some Buick literature does not show this option for 1948 but for most other years before and after.

Could you send me a PM and attach the photo showing the red wheels?


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Here are the original 1948 Buick color pictures I received along with the literature. Due to the discoloration, it is difficult to clearly see the wheels but I have looked at the pictures under magnification and they are red. You can definitely see that they are not the same as the body color.



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