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Hello All: I posted a picture and some information on an antique car i found at a stage station a few years back; http://forums.aaca.org/f170/mystery-car-photo-207889.html It didnt take you guys long to lead me in the right way, so this I have something a little tougher! As I mentioned before I work as an archeologist, and during the course of duty find some interesting stuff: This time I found a front cowl, motor of an unidentified truck/car that was carried into the mountains(no roads within 1/4 mile) and transformed into an arrastra(primitive mill for crushing rock at a gold mine). It has two transmissions that connect to a differential to reduce the final drive output (arrastras need to move slow) The pictures are horrible as the forest is so thick photographs are nearly impossible, which is probably the reason the vehicle is still there and the arrastra relatively intact: Hopefully the numbers on the transmission will have meaning to someone: Thanks, Duane


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