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Automotive art from Finland

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Guest -Janne-


I’m a 1980 born artist from Finland. I just got my BA degree from Industrial design. My media is mostly markers and colored pencils.

I have done some illustrations of original cars as well, but not many examples in website.



Here are some pics I have done:



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Guest palosfv3

Janne has worked with me on a couple of art projects over the last two years and is a talented and knowledgeable automotive artist and designer.

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Hyvää päivää Janne,

It's always nice to meet another Suomi poika, but I'm just half-Finn on my Mom's side.

Your artwork is superb, and it's great that you're following through on a lifelong interest

in automotive art & design.

Although this Forum is hosted by a club dedicated to the preservation & restoration of vehicles

in their original condition, many who post here enjoy both original & kustoms.

I for one care very little about rods & kustoms, but can certainly appreciate and admire a talent

such as yours. Could you show us some of your illustrations of original cars, trucks or bikes?

You might find a bigger demand for those images here, but regardless, keep up the good works!


Tom Gibson

(Finn salutations by Google Translate)

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Guest Dave Snyder

Very nice! I have a lot of collectors of my work in Finland so I know they like automotive art. Keep up the good work Janne

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Guest -Janne-
Wow it looks superb impressive art I have ever seen before...The concept and the design is awesome.

Does this will be implemented in real ever ?

Hopefully. If you meant Larry's Buick?

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