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George DuVall


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In the early 1980's, in Los Angeles, I worked with a talented engineer in a non-automotive business. His name was George DuVall. He retired while I still worked there. I suppose he'd probably be in his late 80's or maybe even in his 90's by now.

In the 1940's, he designed the DuVall head to boost the compression on the Willys Go-Devil flathead 4-cylinder engine (powering the Americars and later the WWII Jeeps). He also designed a scale kids car / go-cart that was a miniature Porsche 356 Carrera convertible. He showed me many pictures of these two projects plus some other stuff I can no longer remember.

I just recently found out that there was a George Duvall that created the vee'd and raked windshield for the Doane Spencer Hot Rod '32 Ford and many other hotrods in Southern California in the 1930's and '40's.

Are these the same George DuVall? I can't remember George ever mentioning anything to me about the windshield, so I think there may be two George Duvalls. Can anyone shed any light on either George Duvall? Does anyone know where I can find a DuVall head for the Willys? Somewhere I have a flyer for this Duvall head.

Thanx for your time and knowledge.

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Guest abh3usn

The windsheild is well known and loved among hot rodders. As the previous poster suggested, check some traditional hot rod web sites. There may have also been some high end custom cars that were fitted with it such as Auburns, Cords, exc. Check the custom coach builders and you may also research the Classic Car Club of America. I have seen some Rolls Royce's with very similar windsheilds. -Steve

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The DuVall windshield is an early hotrod component. If you had one, you had arrived! However, I believe he was inspired by the early '30's Auburn speedsters windshield. Look at them side by side and you can see the similarity. This is not meant to take away or discredit Georges visions or engineering. Many great things happen in our world that benefit all of us! George is one of those people with a vision!--Bob

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So, are any of these DuVall heads still in existance? I would love to see a real one someday.

George was a very busy man. I remember him also showing me pics of a child-sized motorized Porsche 356 Speedster (or cabriolet) that he built. I believe it was more than just a go-kart with a Porsche body shell on it. His son was the child in the pic. That son would be about 60 years old today. Somewhere I still have his business card.

Thanx for all your input.

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