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Spark Plug Wires


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I'll jump in and ask for help. How do you check if the ones you have are good? I used my meter last night to compare and they varied by the length. My last set didn't make it 4 months and I finally started pulling them off and inside the sheath the carbon fiber was burned up the wire about 3 inches. So the spark was having to jump through the last three inches to make contact. Mine has developed a miss that sounds very much like the bad wire, but shows an EO22 code which is TPS. I may have pinched a wire in the harness trying to squeeze the rear exhaust manifold back in. I bought fairly cheap, but 8mm, and they are warrantied, however what good are they if they don't last?? I think I will opt for some better grade ones. Someone else will advise us.

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The next time I need plug wires ACDelco, Napa's Belden, and MSD wires will probably be considered.

I havent' used the Napa Belden plug wires, but I've liked the other Belden products I've used.

I don't believe there is a "MSD set" specifically for the Reatta, so finding or making wires to fit will be more involved

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