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Wayne Drumlins Show Aug 16th

Guest tajaguar

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  • 2 weeks later...

Steve, you should've said something. Between you, me, Jim Bohlman and Marty Reilly we could've helped him.

By the way, aside from the extreme heat, Steve and the Wayne Drumlins region put on a great show. Thanks for all you've done both with your region, and your assistance to the GVACS region in planning for the 2010 national spring meet.

Hey listen, to all of you out there in "forum" land. I'm not upset with anyone, nor did I fall off of the face of the earth. Between my work schedule, trying to get our truck ready for the AGNM, my region responsibilities, and chairing the 2010 spring meet, I have been very, very busy. The Genesee Valley Region (GVACS) is working hard to provide a good meet for you all.

If someone needs something e-mail me at home and I'll try to answer you in a timely manner.

See you in either Kansas or Hershey,


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I was going to try and connect and look his car over. I had talked to Steve on Saturday. After finishing with registration duty I just forgot all about it. I guess the heat fried my brain (or maybe CRS).


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