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Tiffany Mustang Keys

West Peterson

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An AACA member's sister bought a Mustang in May of 1964 and along with the purchase of the car, Ford Motor Company sent her a sterling silver key ring and medallion from Tiffany’s of New York. Can anyone shed some light about this key ring and medallion? The key ring is in the shape of a lariat and the medallion reads “for the Ford Mustang design- approved by Tiffany & Co 1964." How long did Ford send these to Mustang owners and how many were sent out? How rare is this piece?




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Mustang Collectibles by Bill Coulter is a reference book/value guide for items just like this. It was published in 2002, and is currently found on book clearance racks in stores and online. (It's been turning up a lot recently at the local <span style="font-style: italic">Half Price Books</span> store.)

If anyone has a copy I'd be willing to bet this item is featured in it.

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