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Some do not mind, others will not use. Personally, I am selective. Physical parts (spoilers, doors, windows) that are in good shape I have no problem buying for five cents on the dollar particularly when NLA. The set of 16x7 snowflakes on the '90 were $80 for the set including center caps & nice.

Electrical and mechanical parts are a little different. If simple and cheap, I buy. If complex and really cheap, I buy (at $5 for a CD player, I can buy a bunch and if one works, am ahead). If unobtainable (e.g. 90 headlight switch) and cheap I buy.

My experience is that the General really built electrical stuff well. I figure on a 50% success rate on Delco ignitions but is really a lot better than that. Besides a yard is the only place you will find the bottom plate and screws.

Finally, the hardware. From a yard you get all of the nuts, bolts, and brackets, new you do not. (A Fiero horn bracket makes an ideal mount forair horns).

Besides, I enjoy just walking in a yard, get some really good ideas. Right now I nee a front mount power mirror switch that measures 2" long by 1.5" wide. Suspect one from a RAIV will work...

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I pretty much agree with you on all counts. Actually, if inobtainable, I'll buy body/glass/cosmetic parts in good shape even if they aren't cheap. After all, options are limited for this stuff. Jim Finn is a phenomenal resource and I have bought much from him, but try not to "hoard" parts from his Reatta bone yard to the detriment of other owners likely looking for the same parts.

So, if I find a good condition piece I need (even if only for future use as a spare) I will usually buy it. I have a fair amount of stuff stockpiled now, interior, exterior, trim and electrical parts mostly. Mechanical parts that are common to the 3800 GM's of the era have not be a priority of mine just yet as they are more readily available even as new parts.

My biggest worry in the future are things like glass and weather stripping which are already in limited supply in really good condition. These parts are critical to keeping our Reattae on the road long term, and reproduction parts on much of this seem unlikely given the very limited market and the relative complexity of some of the parts like the vent windows and main weather stripping.

Spare body panels will eventually become an issue, but unless collision damaged, most defects can be repaired whether metal or plastic. Worth noting is that VPI (Vintage Parts) shows some limited remaining stock on some NOS Reatta body panels. I'm sure the prices are outrageous, but if you gotta have it...'nuff said.

And, like you said, sometimes you get inspiration by seeing parts on different cars that have some other use. Like the compass rear view mirrors, or auto window down module for the drivers side, there are a wealth of parts that can be used to upgrade cars for which those options were never available.


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