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Zenith 36 HAK


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I know cars using Zenith 30 HK (the number is the diffusor size in milimeters obviously) but do not know the car using 36, maybe something w/ 3 or more liters in capacity. I am thinking about Delage, maybe a big Peugeot.....

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Small ones were used on Delage, Lancia Lambda, and a pair with a balance pipe on Tipo 8 Isotta Fraschini. I have an Isotta one on loan in the workshop for the purpose of making a pair for my Isotta; so I will be able to tell you in the morning exactly what they are. My friend also has Delages, and as I recall , he said they are much the same. Also I can look at what is on my Lancia Lambda. Lancia Kappa of the early '20's had a horizontal 48mm, which is about a 2"throat; and the 6 litre 6cylinder 1923 cuff-valve Peugeothas a vertical updraft 48. Again, I can give you exact details in the morning.

Ivan Saxton

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