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1918 DB to cross the country

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Brother Mark Ounan is planning a Cross country trip in his 1918 Touring car.

As part of a Military Convoy that will retrace the first U.S. Army Cross Country Convoy along the Lincoln Highway in 1919.

Dan Kerr has been working for over a year to ready Mark’s car for the 3200 mile trip.

It will start in Washington DC on June 13th. And wind up in San Francisco on July 9th.

If you live near the Lincoln Highway come out and support your Brothers in this endeavor.

To learn more about the Convoy go to :


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Hello Mark,

Could you please drop me a PM? I would like to get some additional information regarding this cross country military vehicle trip. I live in one of the small western Utah towns on the route. Sure sounds like a fun trip! Wish I had my Jeep up and running!

Regards, Alan

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Guest nofrills33

Hope to see you somewhere on the East Coast side-perhaps Laurel, MD

Take lots of photos!

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