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Casting softer rubber


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fordmerc —

The Devcon urethane product, Flexane 80, can be modified for the degree of hardness with an additive. If you look at the "Friartuck" post on the "Casting hard rubber" thread he gives some detail. If that is not enough, a call to Devcon tech support or even a Devcon vendor should give you all the detail you need to cast grommets, or the like.

You might also look up an old article in the "Skinned Knuckles" Magazine covering the casting of just the kind of grommets you are talking about. The first article of a continuing series appeared in Volume 1, No.12, starting on pg.7. It is the July '77 issue. If you are unable to locate a copy of that article, PM me and I will attempt to answer whatever I can from that article.

I worked from that article and cast two very respectable step mats for my Packard some 25 years ago. I can easily supply a bit of verbiage about what I did then, and some photos of the steps and results.

Both those same mats are still in good shape.

Here is a snap of one of the mats today.

Pete P.


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I have seen old hard shrivelled up rubber parts restored to like new softness and original shape.

The secret is a rubber softening solution used by printers. It replaces the oily substances that have dried out over the years. They use it on rubber rollers. Sorry I don't know the name or brand. If you know any printers maybe they can help.

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