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Guest Kingsley

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Guest Kingsley

I currently offer (patent pending) retro-fit crank arms for the headlamp motor. They feature a mild alloy hexagonal steel CNC machined insert press fit and bonded into a similarly machined cavity in the old rounded out crank arm. Ensures no future round out and retain the OEM look.

Also, plastic injection molded sun visor clips for the convertibles. Available in Garnet Red, Saddle, Medium Gray and Blue homogenous resin colors.



(310) 476-0191

Los Angeles

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From Kingsley's Ebay listings:

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Our pricing of $68.00 is plus an acceptable core. The term "acceptable" means that the only deficiency is the rounding out of the motor shaft hole and that the link arm stud is not scored. It is likely that your core(s) are in your vehicle in which case include a $25.00 core charge which will be fully, immediately refunded upon receipt of your core(s). We accept your core charge with the understanding that your crank arm cores as oulined will be shipped to us - we do not want your money in lieu of the cores and do not want to inconvenience you in possibly having your car inoperable for a period of time.

Per eBay requirement, we accept PayPal only. Our shipping and handling charge is $4.95 using USPS Priority Mail which normally affords two to three day service with USPS

Tracking Information. Shipment is made same or next business day after receipt of payment . </div></div>

Visor clips appear to be $ 55.00

eBay Pages

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