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AFS-21 vs AFS-22


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I have always used a Delco AFS-21 O2 sensor but for some reason the AFS-22 is about 1/3 less and the Turbo-Buick people like them. ANyone know what the difference is between them ?

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I am not completely sure but I ran into a listing for two O2 sensors. The diffrence was one had a OEM conector and the other did not. As far as any real change in the 02 sensor would really be in the ECM limitaion to sense the voltage produced. (not to say a quality 02 sensor would not be more sensitive)

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Guest Mike_s

From http://www.turbobuick.com/forums/general-turbo-buick-tech/256514-ac-delco-02-sensor.html

"The ACDelco AFS-20 has been discontinued and is no longer available. That part now subs out to the ACDelco AFS-22, which is the GNX O2 sensor part number, however, this new AFS-22 GNX O2 sensor is no longer the same.

The reason for the discontinuation and change is because the old AFS-20 O2 sensor technology is obsolete. All of the new O2 sensors now available are of the new "planar" technology including Denso, ACDelco AFS-22, Bosch, and Delphi brands. This new technology provides the fastest reaction time, and includes an Aluminum Oxide trap layer to extend sensor life and greatly reduce lead and silicone poisoning.

HOWEVER; All of the other new sensors are about 1/2" longer than the original AFS-20 and some people are complaining about clearance issues with these other brands, except the Delphi brand sensor. The Delphi sensor is the only sensor that is the same length as the original AFS-20, but has a black wire. If you are looking for a sensor with a purple wire, then you want the ACDelco new AFS-22 (although this sensor is longer like the Denso and Bosch sensors). The Delphi sensor is available for about $20 and the ACDelco is available for about $25."


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