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WTB 1922 Paige-Detroit 6-66 Cylinder Head


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I also have a 1922 Larchmont 6-66 --also in the Bay Area-- and additionally have, from a parts chassis, a 1925 6-70 (Continental 10A) engine virtually identical to the 1922's 8A. Heads appear to be the same (they take the same head gasket). I prefer a private reply as I don't like to post an e-mail address.

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Do you have a 21-24 - six seventy Thermostat Housing. Prefer to purchase or will provide deposit to borrow one to make a copy.

The Thermostat Housing consists of: a one-piece all-metal bellows, a valve, and a housing.

Contact Merle at 513-897-2360

Dayton, Oh


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