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Removing Touch Screen


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If you go to www.reattaowner.com and look around there is a tutorial on the removal.

It is very straight forward.

The bezel is a metal top plate crimped to a plastic back plate. They are held in place by locking clips [no screws]. Grasp the bezel by the plastic back plate and pull, carefully as the plastic is old. Once you get the bezel off you will see that the CRT is held in place by 4 torks screws. Remove them and slide the CRT out about 3/4 way. Then unsnap the two wires and slide the unit completly out.

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that's a very easy job. sitting in the driver's seat, grasp the bezel with your fingers that is over the instrument cluster by the horizontal bar that runs between the speedmeter and warning lights. there are four clips; it will pull right off.

along the right side of the instrument cluster, you will see four screws. it's pretty dark in there; you may want to do this by feel.

two of the screws hold in the right side of the instrument cluster; don't bother those. you will feel two "feet" that come from the bezel that is over the CRT; take those two screws out. there are two clips on the right side of the CRT bezel; just carefully slide a thin flat blade screwdriver under the right side of the bezel, and it will snap right off.

the CRT is secured in the dash by four 7MM/#15 Torx screws. remove the screws, and slide the CRT out. disconnect the brown and blue plugs, and you're done.

if the replacement CRT doesn't cure the problem, your issue is with the CRT Controller (CRTC), not the CRT. the CRT is only a monitor, and the CRT Controller tells it what to do, just like the CPU tells your monitor what to do on your home computer.

right now, we have noticed the CRT is the issue about 60% of the time, and the CRTC, 40%. this has changed dramatically in the last year, with the CRTC failure rate rising from 10% to 40%.



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Guest Jim Piro

How come my 89 had two screws (one was not in, it was just laying there-after 20 years, didn"t move!) next to the speedo??? I busted the bezel 'cause I didn't know they were there!!!

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