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Period German Iron in 1/43rd Scale.


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<span style="font-size: 14pt">It started with an irresistible book</span> found on ebay.de titled, "Grosdeustchland, Die Stadte,"

with more than 260 photogravures of German cities by Adam Kraft, published circa 1939...

(The cars are all 1/43rd scale).


Larger, click once after opening.

Shuco's sweet li'l Mercedes-Benz 170V Truck at the Rostock Market Square. (When I finally pop for

Photoshop, the demarcation for my homemade "cobblestones" will blend much better).

Oh well.


Larger, ditto.

Berlin's Unter den Linden has long been recognized as one of the World's Great Boulevards,

and the Neue Wache Sanctuary on it makes a perfect setting for IXO's M-B 230D Cabriolet.


Larger, ditto.

Minichamps' Horch 855 Special Roadster cruising around the Braunschweig Lion.

One wonders if the owner installed a wolf-whistle under the hood?


Larger, ditto.

Dusseldorf's Main Finance Offices show the influence of both Bauhaus and Albert Speer's Modern German Architecture. Minichamps' Horch 853A Cabrio (and the 855 above it) have become instant personal favorites. Curiously, in the original image, the demark between the old cobblestones and new pavement is exactly as seen here.

Put in the perspective of history, it's somewhat refreshing to see something other than bombed-out buildings and towns in German black & white images.



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