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My son Steve's latest masterpiece

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Hi Just for a change I would like to show something my son Steve has just finished after a 5 year down to the last nut & bolt restoration.

It is a 1972 Harley Davidson Aermacchi X90 Hand made in Italy

If this is not a 100 point restoration what is?

You can talk to Steve about it by e-mail <stevejacobson@netspace.net.au>




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Guest simplyconnected

Nice job, Steve! It's good to see a Harley dirt bike again. Your job looks even better than when it was on the showroom floor. I can see, you really put a lot of work into it.

I bought the 100cc model, but it never ran well (and I still have it).

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Guest Dean_H.

What a great job!! Cool little bike.

Brings back some memories. In the '70s the Harley shop in Santa Cruz, CA had some of those Italian made bikes. They had a 125 CC, with a price tag of $800. I sure wanted that one.

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