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Option list for Riviera's 1963-1965 Found but not complete

Guest ejc65

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Guys I was surfing the net and stubled on this web site that shows some production codes for our Riviera's. The list obviously is not complete but thought I might pass on the link. I know there are some real deal gurus here. The one code that cought my eye was the code A50 discribed as custom interior with ribbed rockers ($166.63) Does any one know if that is an acurate discription because I have a 65 with deluxe interior and ribbed rockers.

Any ways here is the link for first Gen Rivs




We should start to get all codes for the Rivieras and catalog them in this link

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Really, well if you can be so kind as to point me in the right direction because I was on there today and I couldn't find a complete list. There is a section were it shows a few trim tag codes, but not ALL codes. I was trying to unify all codes in one "Thread" to ease the search efforts for other ROA members.

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ROA members can obtain reprints of articles from the Riview with a list of the factory options available for many (if not all) of the model years. You can get these through the ROA office (as I did) by mailing in a request and a stamped self-addressed envelope. There is an index of articles located in the "members only" section of the ROA web site which will help you identify which volume and pages to request.

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