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'88 REATTA- FUEL DOOR parts?


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I reside in CA, in the North Bay. I am looking for a part to clasp my fuel door shut.

I needed to inject fuel while my batt. was dead, so I broke open my fuel door with a screwdriver...Now, needless to say, it won't shut, because I broke off the connecton. I have searched through Google to find parts for a fuel door, but no such luck...Anybody out there have any suggestions? Any help is appreciated.



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i am taking the liberty of piggy-backing onto this thread.i also have a problem with the fuel door of my 1990 coupe.i have asked for help on this problem earlier in the fall.when i push the button in the tab slides back to open the door.the problem is that the tab appears to slide too far back and gets caught in the square area that surrounds the tab.then i have to get an awl and dig out the tab so i can close the door.the past suggestion was to use wd 40 liberally.i did.it worked twice and then caught up again.it makes gassing up worse than just the expensive of the fuel.it is a 10 minute production to pop the tab out so i can close the door.any suggestions?thankyou in advance. gryfan 1990 red/tan.92,000 miles...resting in a heated garage until spring

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I generally use Dupont White Grease with Teflon from an aerosol. WD-40 is from the WW-II era and I find works OK for a while (PB Blaster is better for loosening stuck things) and then tends to gum up. For long term lubrication, even Vasoline is better.

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Guest spyhunter2k

Here is a quick draw-up in PowerPoint that describes how I fixed my broken plastic catch tab. We'll see how it holds up.


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Guest TennReatta

Is there a spring to force the fuel door open after the latch is released? My door latches just won't pop out .The latch lockes back. I must use a key to stick under it and use the lever in the trunk to work the latch to open the door.

Is there a diagram to show the location of the parts that open the fuel door?



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