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Trumpet horns

Bill Stoneberg

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Hi Folks,

Been busy this holiday season playing with my Riv. As part of what I needed to do was to get my Trumpet horns working.

I took them apart and cleaned them up and put it back together.

My small one sounds great but my larger one sounds like a cow dying, not at all like a horn. It works but not real well yet. I know its hard to tell from my description but does anyone have hints or ideas on this horn ? I have read the information that is online at www.chip.com and tried all of his suggestions but still no luck. Pretty simple stuff inside the horn, I dont see how it could still be broken.

Thanks and I hope you all have been having a good holiday.

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Do they ever! I had a young lady drifting slowly into my lane (going the same direction on a 4-lane street) so I let loose with the horn. She threw the cell phone she was using into the back seat and jerked her car back into her own lane. At the stop light I looked over at her and she was even crying and looking at me like it was all my fault.

God, I wish I'd had these a long time ago.

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