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bad brake action

harry yarnell

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Got a '90 Reatta in with a complaint of 'bad brakes'. Gentleman who owns it, doesn't know much about cars, and he's a bit vague.

Red BRAKE dash lamp and ANTILOCK light at startup, and go out within 15 seconds. Application (even light app.) will light the ANTILOCK immediately; the red BRAKE after two applications of the pedal, then both go out about two seconds later (foot off pedal). Brakes don't feel right, but stop in a straight line.Pedal is NOT hard like there's no pump pressure, but firmer than I know what a Teves pedal feels like.

My read is either a weak pump, failing pressure switch, or failed accumulator. Comments?

...and no, I havn't taken the brake test, as I can't find it!

I found it. Will report...

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