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Headliner/Visor/A Pillar resto

Vincent Vega

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I decided to replace my headliner fabric with a closer color match. I replaced the original when I first bought this car. At that time I used fabric from Joann fabrics. It was close match and very reasonably priced. This time I used fabric purchased at an auto upholstery shop. I brought in my visors for the correct color. Now, I decided I needed to redo the visors to match the headliner. The visors are faded and have suffered the same fate as the original headliner. (Broken down foam and sagging.) I found this place( autosunvisors.com )and will be sending them the visors and fabric this week. He quoted 75.00(includes shipping). Now the A pillars look bad compared to the headliner. Anyone have a source for that fabric?

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