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Anyone seen this wheel ?


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Sorry, but the stock wheels on the 90 have got to go (into storage). I really like the Enkeis on my 88 and even have three spares but need one more (put a brake caliper through one & bought a whole set to replace - no, I have no plans to build a trike).


I need to find one or more Enkei "Etoria" style 134 16x7 with 38mm offset (default). This is a dual bolt pattern wheel, 5x100 and 5x115 (may be listed as 5x114.3 but is 5x115).

I have put WANTED ads on Craigslist and regularly check e-Bay but cannot look everywhere. Reward for lead resulting in purchase.

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Apparently there are two different EUM5s. Bought the first set in 2001. Went through this around 2006 when the caliper incident occured and wound up buying/having shipped a whole set from Mass. that was a nightmare so now have three spares. I just like them and was hoping that someone might have seen some.

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Guest MauiWowee

I looked the first time, and again when you reposted. I did find two sets, however they were 17", and IMO did not look the same as your pic. I'll keep looking, because there have to be hundreds lurking in garages and warehouses, lonely orphans all. cool.gif

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