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1st Gen number help.


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Hey guys,

A little while back i went to look at two Rivieras that were for sale and the owner was wondering what year/size the engines were. The vin numbers didn't match those on the cars and he asked me if I could post this for him so he could give potential buyers more information. I could not see the engine code on the front edge of the block just the VIN numbers.

1st engine 7k1024083

2nd engine 7J1088711



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Here's the numbers you need for cubic inch identification.


The engine production code number is the one you're looking for; one of two letters:

T=401, W=425

The 7K is a '64, the 7J is a '63. The former bolts to an ST400, the latter bolts to a dynaflow. If you can see the hub on the end of the crank you'll see that they're different. (J=63, K=64, L=65, M=66, etc.)

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