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  1. Hey guys, A little while back i went to look at two Rivieras that were for sale and the owner was wondering what year/size the engines were. The vin numbers didn't match those on the cars and he asked me if I could post this for him so he could give potential buyers more information. I could not see the engine code on the front edge of the block just the VIN numbers. 1st engine 7k1024083 2nd engine 7J1088711 Thanks, Scott
  2. Thanks for the reply Don. I think this guy is asking quite a bit for the car since the bottom 1/4 of it is pretty much rusted away due to sitting on the ground in storage for the past 10 years. I just noticed it had those hubcaps on and was wondering what they might be worth. Sounds like they'd probably be one of those $150 sets.
  3. Hey Guys, How much is a complete set of 64 Aluminum Hubcaps with the spinners on worth? I found a set locally. Thanks, Scott
  4. There is a guy that used a linear actuator and a simple control relay to replace the troublesome original motor. Check out youtube, and I think a google might turn up the yahoo group link. If it's not going to be a resto show queen I'd go that route.
  5. Has anybody actually weighed their first gen Riv on a scale? I know the factory lists curb weight just a tick over two tons, I was wondering how accurate that is. Thanks, Scott
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll order the parts on monday!
  7. Hey guys, I'm going to be redoing the stock brakes on my 64 pretty soon. Does anybody have any tips on how to increase breaking performance from these drums? I know they are self energizing, but is there any way to make them self adjusting as well? I will be converting to a dual master cylinder. Thanks!
  8. Tim, I would go with stock springs in the car. If you have the car sitting for the winter, put the springs in as soon as possible. Load the car up with some items to get some extra weight in the trunk and passenger compartment. Let the springs settle for a couple months. Once they have settled, take them out of the car and trim the springs a half a coil at a time using a cut off wheel (do not use a torch or plasma cutter). I haven't had the springs out of my car yet so I'm not sure what shape they are. If they are a consistent diameter or have one end that is a consistent diameter trim at that end. Do not trim at the end that has a conical shape or "pig tail". This will give you the ride height you desire, as well as increase the effective spring rate of the springs. Which will improve handling a bit. If you start with the GS springs you will end up with a slightly firmer ride, which probably won't be very pleasant with cheap stock replacement shocks. I'd recommend finding a set of Koni red shocks that will work with the riv. This may be difficult since I believe Koni only has applications listed back to 66. If you measure your stock shocks and find out the fully extended and then compressed lengths I'm sure you can cross reference that to a Koni Shock. The new springs and shocks will make your riv feel like a whole different animal. I'm sure ride the will be fairly pleasant as long as you go with the koni which will be able to handle the increased spring rate. The long wheel base of the car also helps smooth things out a bit. Ed, Heating the springs to get your ride height is not a good idea. This takes the temper or spring out of the steel. Now instead of a spring, you'll have a brittle piece of metal supporting the car. Over time this will lead to premature failure and depending on when it does fail it could lead to a pretty nasty accident. So consider yourself lucky. By the way I'm a Mechanical Engineer. -Scott By the way. Detroit Spring is really overpriced for what you are getting. Check with your local auto parts store, they more than likely can supply you with a part or a cross reference part number.
  9. Jim, 63 dimensions should work. It looks like my Riv could have been in an accident years ago and I want to make sure all the body mount locations and frame rails are square before i start my frame off. Thanks, Scott
  10. Hey Guys, Can anybody send me the chassis dimensional diagram for a 65 Riviera? I bought the cd's from Detroit Iron and all it has in there for chassis dimensional drawings, is one for a 65 Chevy II. Go figure. If you have one from one of those cd's or are able to scan on in out of the orignal buick manual that would be great. My email address is scottsterr@gmail.com Thanks! Scott
  11. Tim, I wasn't aware of that, the gentlemen that I bought the car from told me they were 5 x 4.75. It's only a short drive I might have to run it with the tires that it came with for the weekend until I order some new wheels for it. Thanks, Scott
  12. Hey Guys, I just picked up a 65 Riviera and I have a local car show coming up that I want to take it to. I have a set of wheels from an Iroc Camaro and set of tires off of my Trans Am with barely any miles on them. I tried putting the Iroc wheels on tonight, and they hit what I believe is a splash guard that sticks past the rear brake drums a bit. Can I just cut this off to gain the extra clearance I need? The wheels are 16x8 with a 5 inch backspacing in the rear and 4.5 in in the front. From what I read on another forum they should fit on the car with out a problem. I plan on getting some torque thrust twos or coys wheels in the future. I just need something to get me by for now. Thanks!