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1935 Chrysler Airstream C eight in Australia need photo pls


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Hi. I am way outta my league here, looking for a birthday/Christmas present for a friend...

Our club here in South Australia told me I might be able to get leads on (1) finding a photo, or someone can share one. My friend has a 1935 Chrysler Airstream C eight in the shed, and it hasn't been driven since his grandfather crashed it. He wants to know what the front end (hood/bonnet) looks like. Anyone who can help?

Also, I am clueless on memorabilia associated with this car. Are model die-cast cars available or posters or ? I've seen ads and brochures on ebay, but curious what else is out there.

Thanks so much,


Adelaide, South Australia


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Guest aussie610

There is a going one of those over here, I remember following it on a bay to birdwood about 10 years ago, will have to search my photos to find it. You may also have a look at restored cars, they did an article about one a few years ago

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Hi Barb,

There is/was an Airstream 6 in Syd. There are a couple in the Chrysler Club as well. As Neil said, go to your newsagent and ask for Restored Cars mag. See when they did a feature on that model. Old editions are still avail. It has a good classified section too; for when the time comes to look for parts.

I have a Chrysler book with 4 pages on 35's.


Manuel in Oz

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Hi Manuel (and everyone else). Will do my research. And yeah, call them up at Birdwood (duh! on my part).

Wondered if I could please get a photocopy of the material on the 1935's from your Chrysler book, or a reference for the book if it's not too obscure for the library to get a loaner. It's a weird birthday present, but it'll get things going. Thank you.




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