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Need Olds help

Rob Bailey

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Guest Bob Kerr

I just added up the production numbers of the cars built between 1900 and 1907 and it comes to 13021, so the number on the engine most likely includes the stationary engines (hit and miss style and others) made in the engine shop. If the tag says Job number xxxxxx then that was just the engine number and nothing more. Supposedly the records and remaining casting patterns from the Olds Gas engine works and Seager/ Olds engine works and then Reliance Engineering which was bought by Melling Forge in Lansing were stored in a warehouse in Detroit that burned to the ground in the 50s. I heard that from a 97 year old Employee at Melling who started working there when they were still selling replacement parts for those old engines.It was his first and only job in his life and never took a sick day. Nice guy who I am sure has passed by now. Real neat picture! Looks like it was taken in front of an Olds dealership. I will agree on the 1906-7 date for the car and also add the wheels are the late style also.

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