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  1. It bears a strong resemblance to the 1929 Chrysler Model 65, but there were many makes with similar appearances
  2. Given the nature of the mechanical brakes, I imagine that there were many T's that had collisions and were home-repaired with whatever happened to be available.
  3. From top left going clockwise: 1. Ford Model T-based speedster; 2. Kaiser Fraser had the distinctive sweetheart shape to the top of the windshield; 3. Early 50's Buick (grills were frequently scavenged for custom cars); 4. Stylized '63 Corvette split-window; 5. Mack; 6. Grill looks like Edsel, but the rest of the car is '20's, so maybe some custom or European? 7. Matchbox double decker bus (possibly Leland?).
  4. stexch

    toy cars

    Clockwise from top left: 1. Generic car with a late '70's Pontiac Trans Am logo on the hood, from a country where they have right hand drive and rear view mirrors forward on the fenders (Japan?); 2. Generic car, can't tell what the marking are on the top of the front fenders. The external trunk hinges are inconsistent with the style of the rest of the car, which wants to be 1950's; 3. Mid '50's Pontiac, due to chrome strips down the hood and trunk lid; 4. Auburn boat-tail speedster; 5. '53 or '54 Chevy; 6. Generic Indy-style open wheel racer, ca. '30's-'40's.
  5. Like an angel she was standing there. The moon light shining off her hair. Then she came and took me by the hand. We made love in her Chevy van and that's all right with me.
  6. They appear very similar to the Dunlop wire wheels that were on my Sunbeam Alpine, but yours is bigger. I would be surprised if they were MG, as my recollection of my MGB was that its wheels were less than 16".
  7. The id# should be on the right hand front hinge pillar post. As long as this matches your title, you're OK.
  8. The car reminds me of a Bugatti Royale.
  9. Runs great! Factory wire wheels. Ford 289 V8 and 3 speed manual tranny. $10,000. Clear title. Please call (785)534-9098 or email pmenhusen at stateexchange dot net to discuss or get pics. Located in Mankato, KS
  10. Sure it's very cool. IF YOU'RE ON CRACK! What a shame to see a rare VW pickup cut-up. Australia makes sense, being the ute capital of the world.
  11. Are you positive it's automotive? I have some vague recollection of seeing this logo used on an appliance.
  12. We don't know when free trade with Cuba will happen, but based on yesterday's announcement of establishment of diplomatic relations, it appears that it's a matter of when, not if. What will be the effect of opening trade between the US and Cuba on the fleet of American cars from the '50's that are now on Cuban roads? Possibility 1: American collectors swoop in and grab them all. (Unlikely, because most are well-worn sedans that have had to be modified numerous times to keep them on the road); Possibility 2: They are all crushed when newer used American cars become available. (Sad, but possible, especially for those in the worst shape). Possibility 3: Cubans access the American parts market and perform amateur restorations. (Best case). Maybe some combination of the three? In any event, Cubans won't have to use shampoo in place of brake fluid, which is great news.
  13. I'm interested in the lack of a B pillar to separate the front and back doors (and provide a place for them to latch and hinge). I thought perhaps it had been removed, but the roofline appears smooth. The only idea I had was that the front doors were front-hinged and the back doors were back-hinged. That sort of arrangement would require that your front door be opened before you could open the back (similar to the side-by-side doors on the rear of a Chevy Suburban). Any thoughts?
  14. I beg to differ. The Super Bee was a Plymouth.