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48' special window trim removal?


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I'm removing the front and rear window stainless from my special sedanette and I was wondering what kind of clip holds it. I haven't had any trouble removing the rest of the trim but the front and rear windows are tough. I've pryed about all I feel comfortable with. Thanks for any help.

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On my '41 Century, which uses pretty much the same trim, the stainless on the doors was held on with little square clips:


The rounded trim around the rear quarters, however, was held in place with two long, curved pieces of channel that followed the shape of the trim. In these photos, you can see the rusty channel section secured around the window opening(sorry for the poor quality of the photos--my usual digital camera was missing in action that day). The channel is the rusty strip you see. The trim just snaps onto this channel:



I removed mine by working with a wide putty knife to avoid putting too much pressure on one point of the trim. I slowly worked my way around the permiter prying it off as I went. I didn't damage it at all, but move slowly and carefully.

Hope this helps.

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