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  1. Are you saying you put standard bearings in a .010 over ground crank?
  2. I dislike assembly. Every piece will fight to the end regardless of how well it was fitted before paint or chrome.
  3. It's just a bummer for everyone involved. I go to Hershey for the swapping and leave before the car show. It's kinda like the deer hunting my father did with his buddies. All BS but a lot of fun. We social distance all day in the orange field and you can throw a bowling ball down the isle and not hit a soul most of the day. It's just a parking spot as the guys park in their spaces and start walking. How is it acceptable to do a car show and not the swap meet? Some in our group are getting older and giving them a year off and they might not return fo
  4. Stuff is getting deep. Who is asking people to die by opening a business responsibly? More lives will be ruined/affected negatively by this shutdown than the virus will ever do.
  5. Steve, I meant the USA. Not the aaca volunteers that setup and run the show. We all have opinions on the subject but the CDC released a death rate of less than .3%. Yes, that is .3%. I understood in the beginning when the numbers scared most everybody. We were scared for a couple weeks until the data started flowing. At this point who even knows how many have actually died from the virus as money is given for each death labeled "Covid". We are supposed to live in fear the rest of our lives and hide behind masks. If I was high risk I'd sta
  6. We were so fortunate to get Amelia Island completed before this crap stopped that also. I'm sad we won't have Hershey this year and a little ashamed of our society at the same time. Were a bunch of pathetic pansy azz's if you ask me. I understand the legal portion and it's sad what we've become.
  7. Are you adding flattener to the Imron? I'm not aware of semi-gloss Imron but I quit using the stuff over 5 years ago. Local jobber no longer mixes it but I could get black gallons. The last gallon I purchased had completely different characteristics compared to what I'd been spraying for years. Felt like I was paying for the name but the product wasn't the same. Personally I'd ditch the Imron and go the epoxy route only. SPI epoxy is the best stuff I've found. Reasonably priced and the best quality. Why add another topcoat that isn't as durable as the epoxy under it?
  8. My bendpak hd9000xw is 6 years old and it's been flawless. I like the air locks. Friend has a Rotary Revolution has has a large handle that pulls 4 cables and he's gotta adjust it once a year and really liked the idea of the air ones. I have air at all times so it's not an inconvenience to me. I wish I would've bought rolling bridge jacks but was to cheap. Messing around with jacks is a little pain the butt and I'll probably at least one bridge jack soon. Some of those "show specials" look scary to me. I wouldn't risk my life under a bunch of extra cheap c
  9. The color is not only important but so is the output. The cheaper ones I tried weren't any better than the florescents they replaced. The ones I listed are around 3000 lumens. Most were around 2000 and weren't an upgrade other than the utility bill. I don't care about the bill as I don't like working with trouble lights. I have a few that aren't frosted and I didn't care for them. If your working on your back they have a sharp glare out the corner of my eyes. Lots of fixtures with good even light is way better than few with really bright bulbs unless you like shadows and such.
  10. I'd add a lot more light fixtures also. I've tried 6 different led 4' bulbs from different suppliers and settled with over 120 from Eledlights.com. Ultra hi lumen, 6k color with frosted lens. Best I've found for working on old cars. 4k or 5k color is yellow. I've never received any savings from led conversions because I always add more fixtures for more light. Strip lights the length of the shop with 6' between rows works pretty well. 4' Would be better. What type of insulation is in the walls and ceiling?
  11. Congrats Eric. Just came across this today and didn't realize you were selling. Kellie and I enjoyed sitting and visiting in the car at Eyes on Design when it decided to downpour. Someone purchased a great car.
  12. When we do a tour or a show the car gets driven there and home again. It was the way we were taught. Unfortunately that usually keeps us around within 300 miles or so from home due to time restraints. Someday we will have more time to venture farther out. 20 years ago other people had our same mentality but it's lost now. We were probably the only car that drove to St. Johns this year and especially pre-war. Meadowbrook used to have plenty of show cars in the hotel parking lots. If I could afford a J it would be driven to Auburn every year and would sit out e
  13. Most years the Wakens drive their 812 up from Oklahoma. It was trailered this year. A club member used to drive up from AZ but he passed away this year so that trip is over. Seems like it's fewer and fewer cars every year. The owners are passing and the cars aren't around like they used to. A couple years ago the White Rolston drove down from Hickory Corners. Depends on how many cars they bring. That year it was one so it was easier to drive down. I'm not aware of any Duesenbergs driven there this year. I've driven that white Rolston around 50 miles in the past and it
  14. It will never be for sale but a guy can dream.
  15. Thanks John, but one Auburn is plenty for me. If it wasn't the wife's car then I'd fill the space with something I like.
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