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'37 Dictator parking brake cables?

Guest GeorgeCagle

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Guest imported_GeorgeCagle


Anyone know where I can get the front and two rear parking brake cables, or have a cross reference to another car that used the same cables? Mine are frozen solid. I have them soaking in a molasses bath to see if that will remove the rust and free them up, but I expect that I will have to replace them. Also, does anyone know where I can get the little brass "Y" fitting that goes on the rear of the hill holder?



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I have used George Martin to make up cables for my '38 and '35. He has all the specs and will make you up new ones. On my '35 I had actually found a pair of NOS after I had already bought some from him. I used his, as they were better! As he can do stainless cables.

George Martin in Lebanon, PA. (717) 273-9502

George Rohrbach

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