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Thanks to Bob Bonto


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Hey Bob & Co.:

My name is Pete, I was ROA Member 10910 a few years ago. Had a 71 Riv.

Bob would probably remember me best by arguing with him back and forth over the e-mail list and my "off-topic" posts.

Anyhoo, one day I had asked Bob what he uses to polish his chrome. He referred me to stuff called DRI WASH 'n GUARD Premium Metal Polish.

I had such a bad core vehicle (the 71) that I tried the stuff maybe twice, and couldn't get anything out of it.

I must now say, I have recently bought a 64 Wildcat, and have actually FOLLOWED the directions on the bottle this time, and man...... my chrome bumper, faded as it was, looks EXCELLENT. I mean, this 44 yr old rear bumper looks maybe... (realistically) 10 yrs old right now. Excellent product, Bob, and thanks for advising me to use it! Considering the bumper has never been re-chromed... this stuff is truly awesome!

Link for those of you whom might be interested:


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Glad to hear that you took my advise and used the Premium Metal polish. I am still using it with superior results. Another superior product is Eagle One Never Dull and you can get that at Wal Mart.

BTW, I dropped off Chris Knowles email list over a year & half ago.

Take Care

Bob Bonto,#277

President,ROA Board of Trustees

Technical Advisor 71-73

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Bob, I moved and left my Premium Metal Polish behind. I'm pretty disdained about that!!! All I've got with me is turtle wax chrome polish that's been sitting in the back of the garage for 12 years. Definitely need to buy more Dri-wash before May when all the crusin' starts.

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