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Will DVD's be available of the GM 100 Parade?


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Roberta, if you have any thoughts on how this could be accomplished, I'm confident that there are many of us who would love to acquire complete, professional video footage of yesterday's parade. I'm sure that someone must have captured the event on film.

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Guest imported_Thriller

I have photos of every car that made it into the parade...granted some are not the greatest...one or two miss the nose of the car as it sped up. I don't think I want to go whole hog with duplication, but I promised Pete a copy of my photos and I should send one to Roberta. If someone were to talk really nice to me, I may be convinced to send one to them as well.

I do plan on putting together a Powerpoint slide show of the parade from my photos and using the Flint Journal flier for it...Bill Stoneberg probably still has about a dozen grin.gifwink.gif That will also be large.

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