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All interior/exterior parts from 90 White/black/black TC F/S

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ok just a short listing, more will go up as i price it.

passenger and driver windows- 35$ each

passenger and driver rear quarter windows- 50$ each

passenger and driver quarter window motors- 50$ each

Grill - 125$

Hood (white)- 100$

4 wheels bad tires- 100$

passenger or driver door( white)- 75$ each

Trunk Lid bare- 75$

Tail lights passenger or driver great shape- 75$ each

front pass or driver marker lights(beside the headlamp) so so- 35$ each

pass or driver blinkers ( in bumper)- 75$ each

Hard top with port hole glass (white)- 250$

Soft top black with glass - 250$

stainless trim ( all around doors)- 125$

Stainless wheel well trim- 100$ all pieces

90 Air bag steering wheel with plastic wooden trim(leather worn)- 125$

soft top pull down motor- 125$

Power antenna- 75$

pass or driver mirror- 60$ each

Radiator and Intercooler- 200$

front bumper ( yellow )- 100$

Rear refector panel- 100$

all locks and original keys- 75$

Rear view mirror- 25$

il start with that, any interest pm me

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I need a couple two-bit pieces of plastic. How about the drivers side seat belt (ginger) plastic shield at the bottom and the plastic cover of the seatback frame.

Mine have been cracked and splintered to death. Stuck a hole in my bermuda shorts. Time to cover up.

JerryJBennett San Fran (925-352-3660)

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I will take the soft top pull-down motor if it's working OK.

Mine won't hold from time to time and would like a spare one. Let me know cost with shipping to Fenton/Linden, MI.

Thanks, Scott Harris


Also, may be selling my TC with 56,000 miles. Can provide pics and details for anyone interested.

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Hey Tom,

I asked this before under my topic and didn't get a reply. So now I'll ask it on your topic..

If I asked for "prestine" and You answered wit "Yours are excllent" Why did I get a taillight that the chrome was cracked or had a heavy scratch, and the edge of the lens on the trunk side had 2 chips, and the interior housing had 2 cracks??? Huh??? Thanks, Lou

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Lou, I asked you earlier what kind of condition you needed after seeing what i sent you was not as you needed. what i sent was not cracked, chipped, scratched or damaged in any way when i removed it to send to you. I am not a thief, i wouldnt send you junk, if that was the case i would sell all the parts, even tho most isn't that hot, obviously i can take pictures if anybody asks, but those lights were good to great honestly it sounds like you want NOS which you have not asked for once soo., if nothing i would have kept them for mine as spare as they are as good as the ones on 60K mile 89. The backside did have cracks yes, but that is normal for a 18 yr old piece of plastic and no it will not be seen when installed behind interior matting like it is designed to be, ive seen nos pieces liek that come right off the shelf from being stored in warehouses for years. if you want to send it back do so, i will refund you money less the shipping like any respectable business

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Hey Clyde, Now youre getting dumb, It was packed good enough that it didn't get damaged in transit, Where the scratch was there was residue of polish.(white powder). and the chips I'm refering to are not big globs of plastic missing, but 2 areas where there is slight damage to the plastic, that caused it to turn from red to pink and the edge is rough. I'd ask you what you called it, but it seem you don't know the meaning of at least some words in the english language, so I'll just let it go. I'll keep it because the money is not the problem, but if I were to return it you would refund all including shipping because you stretch the meaning of many simple words as explained in any 5th grader's dictionary.. Are you as smart as a 5th grader????? And don,t even talk about "Good business practices"..


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show me gouges that were there and show me the bubble wrapped that was totally wrapped around the part and the tight fitting box it was also packed in. honestly i'm trying to be fair, but yes there was "glass wax"(plastic polish) on it, i cleaned it to make sure they were clear and i could see if i missed any chips or scratches, which i did not find or any gouges in the plastic, only thing i saw was the cracks in the back side which i cant say were not there, but since when would they be looking beneath all your interior matting, remove your lights and look for them

if you do not want anything more please leave the rest of this thread be, I have sold many parts already and only you have complained since you don't say exactly what you want, only think it and not specify completely, even a description would have been clearer, and i'm not about to read the dictionary to try to decipher what you are thinking to make a sale. If you would have said NOS, or Like-new OR flawless, I might have understood and not offered something that was not any of those to you. i'm finished

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Finished is correct, Your arrogance is exceeded only by your excuses for doing the wrong thing, In the future if you want to see the condition of a lens the best cleaner is warm water, and dish washing detergent, and a soft brush..So please don't play with me, it is as simple as Excellent = the best there is no better.

Pristene = no faults.

And for your information The 18 year old tail light that was smashed, was Pristene, and Excellent before it was damaged; so age is not the limiting factor, and it doesn't have to be "NOS" to be that good. Lou

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NOS is the best and Like New is As close to new as possible. Pristine doesnt mean good, What i sold you was Good. so tell me how i'm wrong. send it back you paid 70$ il give you 70$ back, i dont see a problem, my mistake for expecting someone to understand the difference between needing soemthing like new for a show car and some thats good, because you never said that. I'l gladly hold onto it for a rainy day or sell it on ebay, i don't care either way. my car doesn't need pristine parts, this car is a weekend car, my other won 1st place at carlisle so this car is fine with good, clean clear parts. and for the record, what kind of animal washes car parts in a home sink with soap and water where they might eat, brush teeth, etc. Not me. car parts belong in a garage

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