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  1. I have misplaced my ignition key, hopefully temporarily, I do have the ignition key number from the original build sheet . Is it possible to have a new key made from this number only or are there other options?
  2. I got mine from Boos Herrell. Worked well and easy to install.
  3. Thanks, it was a shot in the dark and I forgot to look in my membership directory before leaving home.
  4. This Ga boy is in New Haven for the weekend. I am visiting my son at college and was wondering if there were anry Zephyrs nearby I might get a glimpse of. I am restoring a '41 club coupe and it would be extremely helpful to see one, they are as rare as hens teeth back home. My time here is very limited but I might could slip away today or tomorrow morning for a short time.
  5. I recall some time back a debate about the best engine oil and I cant recall the outcome. What is the best engine oil for the V12 engines? Also what oil should I use to oil the water pumps and distributor or any other oiling or greasing points? thanks GP Also I have pictures I,d like to share but dont know how!?
  6. Does anyone have a picture of a good engine lift bracket? I am finally ready to put my engine back in and I want to be careful not to scratch paint on the engine or the car. The engine is fully assembled except for the fan but I'll do what is necessary to make a safe bracket to lift by! Thanks in advance,GP
  7. Has anyone used clear enamel to protect the aluminum on engine parts or do you know of another method to keep those parts looking good?
  8. thanks for weighing in. The closer I get to the end of this project the more I need to save.
  9. Is there a quality difference in gasket sets? Nargansett $137 Earle Brown $160 Boos Herrel $175
  10. what are turn around times for water pump upgrades and coil repair at skips? Pricing? and contact #'s ? I just took all the stuff off my engine and am trying to decide if I am going to get all this done . The pumps seem sufficiently tight and smooth and diverter plates in place but the gentleman who rebuilt this engine back in the 70s or 80s passed away and I dont really know all I wish I did about it. I do know that he never really ran the engine much after the rebuild and that compression tests cheek out fine. His son said the engine probably had less than 500 miles on it after the rebuild and I drove it maybe 50 - 100 miles before I started the restoration and it ran better than my new car. The problem is now funds after sinking so much into stainless polishing, crome, painting, rubber, wiring harnesses,etc, etc, etc. WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO?
  11. thanks, is the ford green for that year the same? I found that locally at an antique ford parts supplier.
  12. I know I have seen it before but I can't find the color to repaint my 41 engine. Can someone help and possibly tell me where I can have some mixed. Maybe NAPA? I am in central Ga.
  13. top radiator hose is always the inlet and bottom hose is always the outlet.
  14. O. K. I figured out the horn covers I feel like an idiot! I would still like to know aboutb the colors.
  15. I'm back again,finally got some more time to work on my car. I was going to refurbish the horns, they work properly but I wanted to put in new wires and generally do some preventative maintainence then paint them. How do they come apart because they appear to have some type of rivets but with no back to them? Also is there a proper color to the horns and the steering column? Thanks for the bother I wish had a correct car to use as a model.
  16. Thanks, Also is it possible to fully adjust the play out of the steering wheel. Mine seems to have a couple of inches of "lost motion". I have 3 more gearboxes to rob if I have to. I adjusted the brass screw on the side but still have play.
  17. I just disassambled my '41 zephyr steering gearbox,cleaned it and reassembled it. Can someone tell me if I put dope or greese in it. I assume dope,but it had greese. Also thanks in advance because I am sure this is the first of many ridiculous inquiries, as I am just starting to reassemble my project car.
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