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  1. I have the same problem with my 51. I cured it with an electric fuel pump. Some people run it through the mechanical one, something you can do if you have a manual switch to turn the electric one off during normal operation. You need the mechanical one for the vacuum it provides, but I totally bypassed the fuel part with my electric because I do not want to pump raw fuel into the crankcase in case of a diaphram leak.
  2. If you can find some pictures of the side of it, it would be easier to identify. 39 Pontiac taillights were round units in sort of a teardrop shaped housing mounted on a little pedistal on the fender. Looking at my copy of 75 YEARS OF PONTIAC OAKLAND, by John Gunnell, I think the car is either the Deluxe 6 or Deluxe 8.
  3. I'm honored that you are having us. I hope we add even more to this site.