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  1. thank you for your interest. The car I've referred to had the 1940 style tail lights rather than the 1939 style. It was a 6 cylinder, two-door. In all photos that I have found, the two door had the rounded trunk, and had the gas cap on the right side. An interesting little mystery and I appreciate all thoughts. Happy Holidays! John Church
  2. Regarding post on 1940 Pontiac, another person suggested that the trunk area of the car looked liked a 1939 Pontiac. I am guessing that during the transition to the 1940 model, Pontiac used a 1939 trunk and rear panels on an otherwise 1940? Might be a rare thing if we had it now!
  3. I did find an old picture of the Pontiac. I believe that I was mistaken, and that the rear window is one piece, not two as I thought. I do not know how to post a photo here, but if you want to give me your email, I can send it as an attachment in jpeg format. thanks for responding. John Church
  4. My father bought a new 2-door 1940 Pontiac. It had an unusual rear end design with a more squared-off trunk and two small rear windows. In fact, I have never seen another one like it, and have not seen a picture that illustrates it. Just wondered if this sounds familiar to any other Pontiac owners. Thank you for your thoughts.