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  1. Thanks Paul. They can supply the wire.
  2. My 6-cyl. '36 Pontiac coupe with the high rear end (4.11!) cruises quite comfortably at 55. New front spring shackles really helped reduce the amount of "wander."
  3. The metal wrapped horn wire on my '36 Pontiac is shorting out where it exits the steering box. Rather than trying to patch it, I'd like to get a new wire or have my existing wire rewrapped. Anyone know a source for such a thing? Thanks, Bob
  4. Thanks guys, appreciate the advice.
  5. Where would I find that article?
  6. I'm looking at acquiring a '47 Buick sedanette which I would use to do some long distance touring (month long trips, thousands of miles each). I know the nailhead eights are renown for their reliability, but wonder what kind of gas mileage they get? And are their any routine issues one might expect to encounter in such circumstances that I should be aware of (overheating, vapor lock, etc.)? Thanks for any advice offered.
  7. I'm trying to identify this transmission unit. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Anyone have a recommendation for where I might find a reliable high quality 6v inline fuel pump (brand, source)? I'm looking for one for one of my '36 Pontiac Sixes, preferably small and quiet. Thanks!
  9. Yes,bulbs are easy. Sockets hard to come by.
  10. Anyone know of a source of mid-30's pre-focused light bulb headlight sockets that fit GM cars of that era? Two terminals, 3-bayonet point mount, high & low beam. Parking light separate. Thanks.
  11. What car / engine did you install your HEI in Helfen? And where did you buy it?
  12. Thanks guys, that gives me hope. I have a NOS water dist. tube. All I've got to do is figure out how to get it in position.
  13. So I decided to tear into my spare '36 Pontiac flathead 6 this weekend to see what kind of condition it was in. Lots of good news in terms of wear, but the water distribution tube that runs the length of the block is broken off behind the water pump and the remains are very rusty and very attached to the block itself. There is very little room to work with - it's a ±1" x 2" slot – although you can get at both ends. Apparently the days of immersing a block in toxic solutions that could do the job are over, so I'm wondering what some other remedies might be. Anyone have any good ideas how to rescue and otherwise very solid engine? I've thought of spraying PB Blaster in there and constructing a scraper shaped to fit, but I wonder if there is an easier way? Any advice much appreciated!
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