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  1. Thanks for your help. I did the oil trick and the compression improved by 15 psi each cylinder. Looks like the head is coming off. Fingers crossed I'll get away with a hone and rings only. Leigh
  2. Hi, I have a Chrysler 66. It is getting hard to start and I have to put my hand over the air intake and completly block it off so fuel can be sucked up into the engine. Does this mean my compression is to low? I have a slverdome head and the compression is around 60 psi per cylinder. Or could it be a sparkplug/ timing problem. Leigh
  3. I have found that the 20s and early 30s cars are all slightly different every year and model. No one is around now that built them to tell us what is right or wrong and almost all the totaly original cars have been restored because of the easy work to restore them. I'm keeping mine as so I have something to reference while building my other cars and to help others out. Leigh
  4. This is interesting, the only fender welt on my car is on the rear fenders. It stops at where the body meets the valance panel. Maybe they run out at the factory? Maybe they only used it on the rear guards because that is the only point where the body could leak? Cost wise when these cars were built, why use it if you didn't have to, that's what I think. Leigh
  5. I am rebuilding the shocks on my 1930 Chrysler 66 and am wondering what weight oil to use and how much to put in them. Is there a certian sequence to fill and prime? Thanks for any help Leigh
  6. I must stress that this is an Australian built body and may be different to a USA built body. Running board width at front fender 335 mm width at rear fender 230 mm length at valance 1205 length at outside 1200 These measerments include aluminium strip that runns around the top of running board. There is a gap under the door which is a small panel that runns between cowl and rear tub, it is an extention of the rolled lip on the bottom of the cowl and rear tub. No shims or rubber spacers between body and chassis, bolted straight on. Leigh
  7. Hi, here some pictures of a Australian built body 66. It would be close if not the same as a USA 65 car.
  8. I have a complete original 66 Roadster. I am more than happy to help in any way. Leigh
  9. L is the engine number prefix for 1928-29 Imperial 80 cars. This could be an engine number? In what context is this number used? Leigh
  10. I'm after a hub puller to suit a 1929 Chrysler 65/75. It is the larger diameter puller. I will get back soon with exact size if needed.
  11. Sorry to confuse anyone, Wooden wheel/wire wheel brake drum puller. So I take it I would have to buy a second hand puller from someone or get one made. The knocker type sounds dangerous!! Thanks for the input. leigh
  12. Wooden wheels, I was under the impression that wire wheels would be the same size puller?
  13. Is there anywhere that makes hub pullers or do I have to get a engineer shop to make one for me.
  14. Hi, has anyone got any medalions to suit a 1928 72/75 rear split bumper?
  15. My totally original 1930 66 Roadster which has only 68,000 miles on it has a silver head and the remains of the silver-green paint on the block. I know for a fact that this motor has never been out of the car so it has to be the original colour. This is an Australian car but the motor would have been painted in the states before the rolling chassis was put on a ship. I hope this helps. Leigh
  16. I am looking for top irons and landau arms to suit a 30-U or a PA Plymouth. Leigh
  17. I know this is a long shot but would anyone out there have Chrysler Landau Arms and top irons to suit 27-28 Chrysler? Leigh
  18. Thanks for the feed back. I'll go with "Convertible Coupe" because that's what Chrysler call then in there handbooks. Leigh
  19. Is there a difference between a Cabriolet and a Convertible Coupe or is it different words to describe the same thing? Leigh
  20. You're right about my car. It's a coupe body but I want to make it into a cabriolet. I am hoping to find someone with a Chrysler convertible coupe so I can get some info and photos to have reference points to work from. Leigh
  21. Hi, does anyone have or know of anyone with a pre 1929 Chrysler converible coupe? I am restoring a "72" convertible coupe and would like to chat with someone about the rag top and other things. Any pre 1929 car will be ok. Leigh
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