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  1. Is there anyone out there that rebuilds clum headlight switchs on a 1929 Chrysler model 75 and the anti thief ignition cable?
  2. I'm looking for a shaler ignition cable and a rumble seat door strike'
  3. Looking for a shaler anti theft ignition switch and rumble seat strike plate
  4. looking for a shaler anti thief ignition switch and harness to distributor. also rumble seat strike plate.
  5. I'm looking for side curtains, door inserts for side curtains, rumble seat latch strike plate, shaler anti theft ignition switch.
  6. I'm looking for a set of deck lid slats and craddles for the conv. top to rest on center to center of the mounting holes are 8-9/16. Also the side curtains and door inserts top of the insert must be at least 11/16 to cover the hole .
  7. Narve I am looking for the deck slats that the conv top lay down on for a 1929 model 65 roadster.
  8. I some how deleted this topic. This is a picture of the top of the door looking for the side curtains and inserts don't know if model 75 inserts are the same?
  9. Is there anyone who can make brass castings?
  10. Does anyone no of a company on the east coast around philadelphia who can rebuild this steering box?
  11. Also if you have a cover with two screws on the front side of the drum remove the cover and loosen the slack adjuster it will also help in pulling the drum.
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