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  1. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: RocketDude</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> There is always someone out there trying to make a buck with junk like this. The ignorant and the uniformed get suckered in. </div></div> Glad I don't wear a uniform!
  2. I just bought the Miller MM-140 Auto Set. Welds 3/16" easily, will do 1/4" with a few passes. A buddy is a regional rep. and let me try a few different welders, and I was sold on this one! The Auto Set feature is great! Just set wire size, metal thickness, and weld! Adjusts wire speed and heat automatically, and takes away the guesswork- ideal for the beginner! Got mine new for less than $600; YMMV. Forgot to add: There's a $50 rebate till 10/15/07 on this welder.
  3. I'm new to these forums, but I know Barry (starter of this thread) so I'll add my not-all-that-impressive, brief synopsis: Grew up in my father's garage/gas station/used car business. Operated his backhoe on jobs by 12. Worked in his gas station, pumping gas and working on cars. My father was an educated, brilliant mechanic who taught auto mechanics in CA after the Marine Corp. Missed home (NY) and moved back to become head of the area's Post Office motor pool. Hated time clocks and bosses, so the year I was born (1961) he quit and opened up his own business. Owned several gas stations over the years, as well as a few other ventures- blacktopping, logging (both of which I worked in as a teen) and a small-town bar. The latter proved to be my parents' undoing as they both became alcoholics, father died in 1984 at 54, and my mother 2 years later. I wanted to be just like him- Marine, educated, car guy, loving father. Dad talked me out of the first two, saying I didn't need either, as I already had a "trade" fixing cars. Got interested in oval track racing in early teens, and found out I had a gift behind the wheel; with my Dad (also an accomplished race car builder in his younger days) as Crew Chief, we had much success early on. When he got ill and eventually died, I was left adrift, as while I can drive anything on any level, I'm not a great builder or tuner. Went on to a locally sucessful 24 year career, mostly driving for other teams, both dirt and paved ovals. Retired from that 5 years ago due to doctors' whining about too many concussions... Had my own auto sales/collision shop for 20 years. Was at the point of needing to make major facility/equipment upgrades when my son was born in 1990 with Cystic Fibrosis. Medical costs led me to the Postal Service for the insurance; have been a rural mail carrier for 18 years. Kept the used car sales business operating right along, and currently have 2 locations. So by day I'm an employee, by all the rest I'm a boss. Always loved old cars of most all eras, and have several (and growing!) All in all, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at- thus far But at 46 I'm only just getting started! Oh yeah- thinking about getting back in a race car, now that they have the HANS device... even if the kids DO call me old timer...
  4. Thanks for the welcome Wayne and MCHinson. I've got lots to do around here before Winter, but when I can I'll be burning the Midnight oil reading the multitude of info here!
  5. Hello. I am new here. I found this site due to the Texaco controversy. I already am too involved in Forums when I should be in the garage, but I feel strongly enough to take the time to add in here. I'm a life-long car guy; particularly old cars; especially Lincolns and Studebakers. I am a member of both forums. I love my cars, and derive much enjoyment from folks with similar interests. I can't believe how fast- and far- an innocent contest spun out of control, and the damage that was done by misunderstandings. I am a member of the SDC. I am very involved in the forum... truly one of the best groups I've ever known! I've had the priviledge of meeting several of the members, and to a person they are exceptional people! I also know Barry Wolk to be an outstanding individual. In fact one could say I facilitated this issue because I posted about Barry's trailer project for the SDC folks to enjoy; Barry found out and only just recently became a contributor over there- and I might add was well-received. Everyone admires Barry's project, and I thought it would be cool to have the groups cross-involved; both for camaraderie and the benefit of the hobby as a whole. Then came this contest. It was innocently posted by Leaonard Shepard, one of the finest gentlemen you could meet. The trouble seems to have started when SDC member Jeff Rice mentioned entering, and made a flip comment about "stuffing the ballot box". Barry, being new to the group, doesn't know that Jeff likes to joke, and took that as a request for SDC members to cheat. Others, being enthusiastic about their marque of choice, got in and entered their rides- nothing wrong with that. What really got things going wrong was two members basically bragging about how they could- and were- cheating, and encouraging others to do so. I know I speak for many other SDC members when I say I was angered, embarrassed, and saddened to see that garbage. I don't know the two personally, but I like to think they now see how wrong and stupid that type of conduct is (I hope). I was so disturbed by that that after my one-sentence upbraid (I am bams50 on that forum) I wouldn't post further, nor could I even go to the contest site. Sadly, it seems that human nature is to judge the conduct of others based on an individual or two in the same group. If one goes to the SDC forums and looks through the history, they will find that the vast majority of the group are exceptionally decent folks. Certainly there are dust-ups and disagreements, but overall it is a very agreeable bunch. We work out our disagreements, and sometimes agree to disagree, and move on. To see some say nasty things about the SDC as a whole is disappointing, to say the least. Central to this controversy was the fight between Barry and Jeff specifically. As mentioned, I know Barry, and hold him in high regard. I have not yet met Jeff personally, except "virtually" through my long-term involvement with the SDC forum. Jeff Rice is a very accomplished guy, knowledgeable and experienced, as well as talented- and held in high regard by those that do know him. Something I do know about Jeff is his writing style can sometimes be misunderstood- by myself, for one. But having seen his involvement over the time I've been into Studes, I believe him when he says he did not want, nor would condone, cheating. What he and Barry have in common is that they can be drawn into a war of words a little too easily, and can't let go easily enough (IMveryHO)... hence the escalation... As I know Barry, when we communicated off-line about this, I told him he still of course has my respect, but I feel he's way off on this. I write this in the sincere hope that all involved will see the big picture, and get back to the business of loving old cars! I would love to post this for my fellow SDCers, but our webmaster is saddened enough that he has forbidden any further discussion of this issue there. To Barry and Jeff, and those who got involved in defending either, I hope this can be ironed out. I'm not a "can't we all just get along" type, but it would be a shame and waste to let the acrimony over a contest damage potentially good relationships! I bet if Barry and Jeff had this same discussion face-to-face over a cold beverage, the outcome would be MUCH better...
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